Research Projects undertaken

Shared below is an overview of the research projects undertaken and completed by Dr. M.V.N.Panikkar

# Project Title Funding Agency Time Frame
1 Ecology and Taxonomy of micro and macro flora of Kallada irrigation canal STED, Govt. of Kerala 1989-1991
2 Ecology and taxonomy of marine algae of Kerala UGC, New Delhi 1990-1993
3 Studies on the algal flora of the wet lands of Kerala. STED, Govt. of Kerala. 1996-1997
4 The species diversity of the algal flora of the Western Ghats of Kerala region MoEF, Govt. of India 2000-2003
5 The species diversity of thr freshwater algal flora of the Southern Districts of Kerala DST, Govt. of India 2003-2005
6 Floristic components of Sasthamkottah lake (Emeritus fellowship) UGC, New Delhi 2011-2013
7 Algal Diversity of the Silent valley and the adjoining areas CSTE, Govt. of Kerala 2013-2014
8 Algal Biodiversity of the High-Range areas of Idukki and Wayanad Districts of Kerala DST, Govt. of India 2010-2013

Research Students awarded Ph.D

  • C. Anilkumar
  • P. Sindhu
  • K. Usha Kumari
  • P. D. Prasad
  • P. Sophiammal Nettar
  • S. Sulekha
  • A. Prasad
  • Rajan Idicula
  • Suseela John
  • M.B. Lissy
  • L. Vrinda

Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala (link)

  • R. Jayalekshmi
  • A. Jackson