Brief History of Algology in Kerala

In Kerala, the background work on algal taxonomy was initiated by Prof. N.A. Erady, who served in various Government Colleges, and retired from Victoria College, Palakkad. During the course of his career, he has also spent some time in Sree Narayana College, Kollam on deputation from University College, Trivandrum. He was a veteran in all the branches of Botany.

Simultaneous with teaching he entered in the research field in various areas of Botany, like Angiosperm taxonomy, Mycology, Bryology, Pteridology and Phycology. He showed a keen interest in Phycology and published papers for the first time on algal taxonomy from Kerala. He can be aptly considered as the "Father of Algology" in Kerala. His research work laid the foundation for algal research in Kerala and generated interest, which paved the way for further developments in this area.

Prof. Erady published 5 new algal species. His descriptions, diagrams and photographs have been unique and unparalleled in the years to come.

  1. Vaucheria mayyanadense Erady (Phytomorphology, 1954)
  2. Spirogyra paghatensis Erady (JBNHS-1962)
  3. Oedogonium keralense Erady & Rajappan (Kew Bulletin -1958)
  4. Temnogametum mayyanadense Erady & Rajappan ( In the monograph Zygnemataceae - by M.S. Randhawa -1959)
  5. Spirogyro quilonensis ( Phykos -1971)

Two Veteran Algologist of India -- Prof. V. Krishnamurthy and Prof. T.V.Desikachary with Prof. M.V.N Panikkar and his first PhD student Dr. C. Anilkumar