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Dr. M.V.N.Panikkar is a researcher in both Freshwater Algae and Marine Algae of Kerala, South India., specialising in taxonomy, ecology, biodiversity and conservation of algal species. After completing M.Sc joined in S.N. College service. and worked in various S.N.Colleges, like Punalur, Cherthala, Chelannoor (Calicut) and Kollam After joining in S. N. College, Kollam conducted a number of field trips with M.Sc students in both Tamil Nadu and Kerala coasts. All these trips helped to create interest in marine algal taxonomy and decided to join any of the algological research Centres of India. Finally, joined as a teacher fellow for reseach in the Marine Algal Dicipline of Central Salt and Marine Chemical Research Institute (C.S.M.C.R.I., Bhavnagar- a CSIR Research lab. The topic of research selected was "Studies on the reproductive morphology and Culture of Padina dubia (Dictyotales, Phaeophyta)'.. The vegetative and the reproductive features of tetrasporic, oogonial and antheridial plants were studied in detail for the first time.. Culture studies were conducted in a newly developed chemical medium for the growth of a macro alga like Padina., with normal fan-shaped appearance of the thallus. Usually in culture of both synthetic and enriched media, the growth of macro algal species may be abnormal, irregular and sterile.. In the new culture medium,the morphogenetic effects of normal fan shaped fertile thallus was obtained in higher concentrations of iodine. The results of the entire thesis have been published in in the journals- Seaweed Research and Utilization and Japanese Journal of Phycology.. His wife Dr. P. Ampili also completed her PhD programme in CSMCRI ,in the same period.. She is retired from S.N.College for Women, Kollam.

After taking PhD, again joined in S.N. College, Kollam, and involved in teaching profession till 1990. There was not any recognized research centre in any of the Department in the college.. It was only in 1990 the Department of Botany got recognition as a research centre from the University of Kerala for the first time. In 1990 three regular students joined as full-time research fellows under the guidance of Dr, M. .V.N. Panikkar,. for the first time in the history of S .N. College, Kollam. Al the three students - C. Anilkumar, P. Sindhu and K. Usha Devi completed their research in the stipulated time with more than 20 research papers in their credit. This is a remarkable record as far as the research programme of a University is concerned. After the first batch of PhD students, both teachers and students from different places were registered for PhD,both in the Kerala and Mahatma Gandhi University, All the research students obtained their PhD degree in the stipulated time.

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